Studio B - Lions Clubhouse, 273 McKendree Road

The following artists will be showing at this studio location.

Anne Gallagher

After graduating from Bucknell University, where she was a double major in Studio Art and English, Anne served as a magazine editor, marketing manager for a Fortune 500 company, and freelance writer. In 2012, a move from her longtime home in Northeast Ohio to downtown Chicago gave her the ideal opportunity to rekindle her passion for fine art. In Chicago, she trained under master painters at the renowned Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, and further honed her artistic skills as a member in the Plein Air Painters of Chicago. Whether focusing on urban or rural landscapes, Anne paints en plein air (outside in the open air) anywhere her travels take her. She also enjoys creating still life paintings in her studio. Although her work has a distinctive style, Anne enjoys experimenting with new approaches and different techniques and materials.









Denise Nelson

Denise Nelson will once again be sharing her Traditional Oil Paintings, but this year she will introduce her new creations also working with Gourds and Wool Fiber. The gourd is an organic vessel or "canvas" of endless creative possibilities. Denise considers the unique character of each natural gourd and then transforms them into works of art using combinations of sculptural addition, pine needle coiling, carving, pyrography or burning, painting, staining, and polishing. She is equally fascinated by working with soft, tactile, natural wool fiber to “paint” or create 3-D sculptures. Be sure to stop by to see her exquisite new gourd “punkin heads,” elegant gourd vases, small oil paintings and examples of “wool painting” pet portraiture.






Brenda Pokorny

Brenda received at BFA from Miami University with a concentration in textile design and began her career designing for a wallpaper manufacturer and later managing her own textile design business. When she began experimenting with mosaic, she was an instant convert. She has traveled around the globe finding inspiration by exploring gardens, hedge mazes, labyrinths, gothic and renaissance cathedrals, and the mosaics of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Her goal in creating mosaics is to produce art that adds beauty and brings joy. She hopes to have more opportunities to create large-scale public artworks that can involve communities in their creation and can beautify spaces enjoyed by everyone.








Joyce Vukela-Mayer

Joyce’s passion is using her Chemical Engineering background to create what she calls “reactive paintings on steel”. Instead of trying to capture beauty in nature like photorealistic painting, she captures beauty through nature by harnessing nature’s oxidative processes. The first step is forming steel into a canvas shape. This is followed by the application of paints and acids in multiple layers over time to allow the chemical reactions to form abstract patterns and texture. Initial inspiration also comes from nature, however as the painting progresses these initial ideas get altered as a synergistic relationship develops as she follows along with the direction the reactions are heading. Her offerings include original reactive paintings on steel, limited edition prints on aluminum and commissions.