Studio E - Lakeside home studio of Horse Ass Pottery, 273 Kemp Road

The following artists will be showing at this studio location.

Suzie Council

A long-standing host of the Lakeside Artists Studio Tour, Suzie Council will open her Horse Ass Pottery studio to share beautifully designed wheel thrown, hand built, and slab rolled ceramics. Her techniques include Raku firing and the incorporation of actual horsehair to make unique surface designs. Suzie offers decorative pieces as well as functional pottery for everyday use inspired by nature, especially using color and texture found in her flower garden. Visit this award winning and widely exhibited artist to commission a piece to match your colors and decor or provide her with hair from your horse for a one-of-a-kind piece of remembrance art.

Michael McNeilly

Michael McNeilly approaches his woodworking with the exacting, detailed oriented mindset that he developed during his 38-year career as an aircraft mechanic. When he turns wood, he doesn’t have plans to follow or measurements to check – his goal is simply to unlock the natural beauty of the wood. Meet Michael and see his beautiful work the tour next weekend.  Getting to know the artists is the best part of the Lakeside Artists Studio Tour.